Flamenco Upholstery

Modern & Traditional Upholstery

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Your home is your sanctuary, and flamenco upholstery is here to make it even cozier and more elegant.

Explore our residential upholstery services to transform your domestic space into a place of comfort and style.


  • Sofa & Chairs: Give your living room furniture a fresh and stylish makeover.
  • Bedroom Upholstery: Enhance your bedroom with custom headboards, benches, and more.
  • Dining Room: Make meal times special with beautifully upholstered dining chairs.
  • Antique Restoration: Restore and preserve the charm of your cherished antiques.


  • Personalized Design: We collaborate with you to bring your interior design vision to life.
  • Family-Friendly Materials: Our upholstery options are chosen for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Restoration Expertise: Trust us to breathe new life into your vintage and antique pieces.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: We offer a range of options to suit your budget.